Enrichment as a Guiding Internal Principle

Why The 56th Gene Key Became My Word-Of-The-Year

Julia Thie
2 min readAug 26, 2022


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“True enjoyment is rooted inside your being rather than in the external.”

Richard Rudd

Setting A Gentle Intention

My current word of the year is enrichment.

The intent behind that word is…

  1. To give attention to those things that refill my well on every level.
  2. To listen closely to that inner discernment as a guide to know what to release and what to keep.
  3. To be open to experiences outside of my regular routine.

So far so good!

Things I’m Doing to Activate Being

This year I’ve employed a prayer counselor that matches my countenance very well, and we have a great time. I think of our time together as a mirror for my soul.

I call my friends and don’t shy off visiting by using busyness as an excuse. Taking a walk, a chat on the phone, an email; these are things I’d been putting off.

I pause often and appreciate what I already have. I am enriched by acknowledging this abundance. I really do forget sometimes…

Enrichment Is More Than Entertainment

I wholeheartedly agree with the quote above. Rather than a mere distraction, activities that truly enrich my life make me aware of my connection to the world.

Instead of one more group program with the agenda of self-improvement or business advancement. Instead of one more show to see, or webinar to watch, I yearned for connection and expansion of spirit. To begin from a place where I’m already enough.

Rather than feeding a blind consumption, or trying to get a fix, I am drawn to those things that build unity and help me realize how connected to each other we really are.

What I’ve seen is that in order to feel centered & not swept up in a whirlwind of input, I do my best to stay awake to the call of my inner resources, and to stay in touch with my enriching communities.

Recognizing these unifying principles with the people I’ve spoken with in sessions and in my monthly class; I appreciate our commonness; our not-aloneness.

And that unity medicine is powerful.

Exploring The Gene Keys

I’m exploring these connections further to include work from The Gene Keys. This goes one step deeper into practices and treatments that raise us up and build resilience.

And that’s what enrichment is to me; feeding that holy curiosity. Discovering what’s out there that I didn’t really see, and recognizing how our common unity is so healing.

Explore a bit more about Gene Key 56 — The Gift of Enrichment and see where it leads you.



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