A Secret Blessing

A Poem for the Fluorescent Soul

Julia Thie
1 min readAug 17, 2022


A mountain stream in the Great Smoky Mountains, sun and shade, small cascades of water bubbling over the old rocks.
Great Smokey Mountain Communion (Image by author)

On a demanding path, I turn course.
A tickling scent of hume and honeysuckle
draws me into the open mouth ahead
waiting for communion.

Stepping under the canopy cloak,
the veil slides aside.
Here the bright majesty rests
in the green solace.

The veined hands above
send their song,
carrying royal parasols of grace
dripping dappled gold.

Growing cool
by moss and bracken’s favor,
I slow my step.
A ceremonial drum falling into time
within my chest.

The woodland breeze whispers wild.
A secret blessing in a verdant key
comes the call; return, return.
Kneel now, soft and worthy.

I wash my pains
in the welcoming cascade.
Savoring the embracing chill
as it collects my humanness.

Dipping the warm crown of purpose
into the ageless stream,
Absolved, granted, and directed
to shine a brighter reign.

Julia Thie

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This stemmed from my contemplation of the 15th GENE KEY.
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Julia Thie

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